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Are you or your church interested in being a part of The Covenant Network through ordination? Ordination is a relational process. That simply means that if you desire to be an ordained minister within the CN, it will take time. We do not rush ordination (1 Timothy 5:22). It is a very serious commission, so please keep in mind that a request for ordination will be met with waiting and praying. The Covenant Network will only ordain those who through demonstration, faithfulness, humility, and consistency have proved that they have been called by God into a ministry. 

If you feel called to be a part of this network, feel free to fill out this form and we will get back to you. 

The Immersed Conference is a gathering of churches, ministries, and people all across The Covenant Network that is hosted each year by The Covenant Network. Everyone gathers to strengthen, learn, encourage, refresh one another, and glorify Jesus. The conference has different themes each year but all maintain the same purpose of immersing ourselves more in faith, praise, the Word, prayer, worship, fellowship and in the love of God. We cannot think of anything better than to be in His presence surrounded by fellow brothers and sisters!


This 4 day conference includes keynote speakers from across the world, workshops, times of fellowship, and much more. We welcome all LGBTQ+ and ally believers to join us in Atlanta, GA. Mark your calendars for this year's Immersed Conference happening in July!

Interested in joining us? Visit The Immersed Conference for more details.

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