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3 Steps For Effective Prayer

“Wishin’ AIN'T Praying!”

I heard it so clearly in my spirit one day as I was communing with God. He always speaks to me in the vernacular of my youth when He is emphasizing a point – so I will pay attention. As I prayed, what He spoke to my spirit became clearer to my mind. It was simply this, “my people have made wishes and prayers almost synonymous.” He wanted me to share with His people that those two things are absolutely not the same thing. And though His people had not done it willfully or consciously, the enemy had come in with a subtle lie – “it doesn’t matter what you pray, God is going to do whatever He wants to do anyway.”  Believers have developed an attitude that sounds something like this:

Someone: “We need to pray”

Believers: “Oh no, it’s come to that?!?!”

The big issue is this, believers haven’t learned the power of praying effectively, so prayers went unanswered, and the more prayers went unanswered, the more it felt that God simply did whatever He wanted to do regardless of His people’s prayer lives. The enemy took this and ran with it. Then many believers’ faith became shipwrecked, and prayer became a distant “I hope God does something” mindset. As believers, it’s not enough to simply pray hoping something will happen (that’s wishful thinking); we have to learn the keys to praying effectively.  With that in mind, today, I want to share a brief video on how to pray effectively so that we can enter into a new level of a supernatural prayer life, and see our prayers get answered more and more:

The 3 Steps to Praying Effectively:

1. Praying in the name of Jesus

2. Praying with Scriptures (the Word of God)

3. Praying under the direction of the Holy Spirit with His leading, in tongues

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