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Listen... God Is Speaking

In the 80’s, I was introduced to a remarkable book and teaching that forever changed my life – Prophets and Personal Prophecy by Bill Hamon. During that time in my life, I learned that God was ALWAYS speaking and that I could hear Him at any time I chose to listen. I was then hit with an equally vital revelation – I could say what God was saying, anytime. I could release the voice of God anytime God was speaking, and He was speaking all the time. When I realized this, everything changed. Now, many years later, as a member of the LGBT community, I’ve discovered that our single greatest need in this season in our community is the voice of God. Of course, we need the Presence of God equally, but right now, more than ever, we need the sound of the Voice of God in our lives and in our churches to refresh our vision, to give us new vision, to squash division, and to restore relationships and lives. We live in a very volatile time, and the release of the Voice of God is the method by which God will get His Peace into our souls no matter what is going on around us.

Today, you can tap into the Voice of God. Tapping into the Voice of God requires one thing – listening. God will always speak to you when you truly listen. When God first begins speaking, you may feel that it’s just your own thoughts or your imagination, but write it down and pray over what you see, sense, or hear.

God’s Voice doesn’t come booming from the heavens; it comes from your Spirit where the Holy Spirit dwells. He will begin speaking to you in such a way that it will sound like your own thoughts because Holy Spirit is communing with your spirit and those communications “bubble up” into your mind where your imagination, senses, and word center rests. God will show you things and speak to you in such a way that it seems that it is “just you.” Sometimes His voice will seem like a whole train of thought coming to you spontaneously, and His Voice will sometimes seem like images that come to your mind from your inner man. Knowing how to discern this will help you with so many of life’s decisions. The more familiar you become with this flow, the more the flow of His Voice will break into various life-moments bringing wisdom, comfort, direction, joy, etc.

Finally, the truest way to judge the difference between your own thoughts and God’s thoughts (as well as Satan’s thoughts), when you are listening to God, is through Scripture. If what you are hearing does not line up with the Word of God, it is not God. Here’s an example: if someone says, “God said to me that I was to leave my spouse and go be with this other person.” THAT IS NOT GOD. Don’t try to blame a lustful lapse in judgment on God by saying “God said” (see Mark 10:9). The Word of God will be the sword that divides the difference between the Mind of Christ and our own mind (the soul and the spirit). If what you are hearing doesn’t ultimately glorify Jesus, IT IS NOT GOD. If someone says, “I heard that reincarnation is real as well as multiple ways to God.” Then know that is not God (see John 14:6 and Hebrews 9:27).

Becoming skilled in hearing the Voice of God must be every believer’s goal. Knowing God’s Voice is the way we are going to fulfill God’s plans for our lives. He will guide us step-by-step when we listen.

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