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The Word Works, & It's All You Need

The Word of God works and it is all you need…

Scripture isn’t just given to us so that we can sit around, read it, think about God, and then move on with our day.  God gave us scripture so that we can discover what He has given to us through Jesus Christ.  God has given us promises, and when we believe them and speak them, the Holy Spirit goes to work to manifest them in our lives.

So often I love to speak about the power of the Word of God.  Actually, I believe that message is one of my life’s messages, but when I do, often I feel people have a “yeah-but-spirit” on them.  I say, “the Word says, ‘by his stripes you were healed,'” and they say, “amen,” but really, inside, they are saying, “yeah, but… you don’t know how long I’ve had what I’ve got” or some such thought.  No matter what thoughts come, no matter what happens, we must remind ourselves that the Word of God is all we need – it is enough for every situation that we may face.

Within each promise that is written in scripture is the ability to bring that promise to pass.  When God created the heavens and the earth, He spoke, and every word that He spoke had the power within it to bring itself to pass.  Today, when we speak the promises of God that are found in the scriptures, each word we speak has the power within it to bring itself to pass (see Isaiah 55:11).  It is vital for us to dig into the Word of God, daily.  There are promises to discover. If we want God to move in our lives, we must dig into the Word and find out what He has said to us.

Today, I want to encourage you to take the Bible off the shelf and start using it.  When you have faith in the promises that are within the Bible, that is all you need because within those promises is the power to bring them to pass.

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